Beit Shemesh

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Israeli boy, Daniel Viflic, Dies from Anti-Tank Missile Attack on School Bus Dear Community Members, Ten days ago Daniel Viflic, 16-years-old, was critically injured by an anti-tank missile fired by Hamas in Gaza at a school bus in the Negev region in Israel. He has been fighting for his life since the attack and lost his battle on Sunday. Daniel’s father, Yitzhak Viflic, who sat at his son’s bedside in his final hours, said “I would like to thank all those who prayed for us and supported us from around the world. I just ask that we are left in peace. Daniel struggled for his life and was calm when he passed away.” Chief of Pediatric ICU at Soroka Medical Center, Professor Shaul Sofer, said on Sunday: “Unfortunately Daniel passed away this afternoon. We were not surprised by his passing – he arrived in critical condition without blood pressure after being resuscitated onsite and within a short time his brain stopped functioning.” Hundreds of people attended Daniel’s funeral on Sunday night in the outskirts of Beit Shemesh. “It’s hard to believe he’s not here. I thank all those who came and all the support from the religious and seculars alike, even from Arabs and Bedouins. It’s not thanks to us, it’s because Daniel was an exceptional child,” his father Yitzhak said. As we gather with our families during this holiday to share and educate our children about our history, we must remember that freedom does not come easily and educating our children is at the core of our Passover rituals. At Sha’ar Negev School, the principal believes that education, freedom and peace begin with what we teach our children. Yet while his teachings focus on peace, an innocent Sha’ar Negev student died in this vicious attack. May his memory be a blessing to all of us and a reminder to all of us the important Jewish value of Tzedakah – supporting Jews in need around the world. To support your fellow Jews through the Allied Jewish Federation’s programming, please donate now. Enjoy this precious, holy time with your families. Thank you. Doug Seserman President and CEO.

Shira’s note:  As sad as this is to us all and something some families would  rather not see or hear at all, it still needs to be shared.  There is a spark in all of us, and although another one is gone from us, his memory will forever shine upon us.  Please consider contributing to AJF in his name.  May we continue to hold our freedom sacred.  Buena Pesach.