There’s major shifting in and about Israel’s politics/existence/polemics/justice and the oh…I wish I didn’t have to say it…ignorance. There is so much I have read, seen and continue to hear and to be quite honest, am angry about it. Of course, all of the above is the reason why I started this blog, for my love for who we are, gentile and Jew alike, supersedes any ongoing newsworthy issues. I’m not apathetic towards issues, just a prioritization between my spirit and Israel.

With that, I am not going to post the verbose and superfluous talking heads’ opinions at this time and just present to you, the reader, to request a certain question that you might have and share it here for us to ruminate between fact and fiction. There are many resources to choose from and in this way, we are taking root, whether it be learning, sharing or speaking about principles, we are changing the world, whether you believe it or not; something tells me you do.

All the best, Shira