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An article on challenging your assumptions

By Shira Loustaunau


Insights and perspectives of the movie, “What a Way to Go” by VisionQuest Pictures, parts 1 through 8.

For those of us that are more inclined and seek a better way to confront our environmental, cultural, and the overall global demise, this article will be easy to be read. For those of us that cannot confront the reality of doom and gloom on planet earth, which is the path we have made for ourselves, you can stop reading now.  But this is not what I want. This is not what the producers and directors of this movie want.  What we want is for us to face what our reality is in confronting peak oil, climate change, mass extinction, and population overshoot.

Most of what we do know of these issues is that it is not enough.  The more we choose not to watch, stay ignorant by choice, not know what others are experiencing through greenhouse gases, temperatures on the rise, more floods, more droughts, hunger, rising sea levels, and the facts that what we ignore will be our undoing, if we do not address the issues today.  In fact, some might say it could be too late.  It is redundant to say that we are in peril now, and in the future, and in the future of our children.  The very survival of our species is now in question.  The planet  is closer now to an ecological meltdown than it has ever been.

How has this all played out?  How do we get to the point that we are at right now?  How do we begin and continue to start a dialogue to address the issues?  What we do is start off with the facts and in so many words, educate ourselves in “how did we get here?” Briefly, we have built a totalitarian agriculture; we have population overgrowth, hard work and poor health, wealth and inequity, expansion and war.  Is it a fact that our dependence on agriculture is the fundamental cause of the so many problems as stated above.  We have environmental destruction and “the rise of Empire” through city and cultures in order to equate and sustain our needs for the overpopulation we have today.  The human ecosystem that we built cannot be sustained once the importation of resources cannot be delivered to these places, which means trade, which requires transport, and transport requires energy, meaning oil, and energy has to come from somewhere.

So, let’s see, we have a totalitarian agricultural society with whom need to be fed and have water to drink, combined with our dependence on fossil fuel from other countries, which are, by the way, depleting at what the scientific community would phrase “peak oil” in general terms, and from here, it goes down. If we have our resources at peak levels for the first time in history, and it is declining, what comes next? War. No one should be shocked by that. In order for us, the Western World to live, without mentioning other countries around the world, what we have left is the war for energy.  “We have a food race on our hands.” Not only are we warring with ourselves as humans, we are destroying the very thing we need to live. We have accumulated wealth at the expense of our environment.  We have created the greenhouse effect which is destroying our land and our oceans.  Don’t you think Nature would fight back? The population of our species is going to be reduced. There are forces at work, either by disease, natural catastrophes, climate change, and oil depletion that will in fact play out more so than what we have seen or lived through.  “We are in the midst of an ecological meltdown.”

Can we talk about this earnestly and clearly? Can we control the population?  We cannot survive apart from the earth, yet we are killing her. We feel deep grief of this loss of connection. Our job now is to wake up and start talking to everyone that would listen, arm ourselves instead of with guns but with knowledge and get rid of the old thinking of materialistic pleasures in which we have met that “peak” and must now change.

Author’s note: I will continue with parts 9 through 12 anon. Hopefully, there will be more answers than doom and gloom. Reality bites…