I wrote these while at a restaurant this morn. I was inspired by the environment I put myself in.

I have no title for this one; maybe you can name it for me. It’s about eating:

Strapped in gluttonous revelry

Looking beyond the bondage

Tastes begotten, glorious infusion

It’s a mixed up world with plastic plates and

Confinement of plastic booths

Each and for every stomach-bellied lies

Masticate in each other’s pleasures

Enabling the famine

Delight the hunger

Happy Thanksgiving

On the other hand (name this one too!):

Touching, feeling, delight

Harvesting the joy of thanks

Always grateful for the gifts

Notwithstanding greed of others and ourselves

Keeping faith above reason

Single prayer for simple pleasure

Giving eternal in one’s course

Inviting spirits as below, so above

Victory a word in breath, pushing through our lips

Intriguing to understand and be aware

No one is alone

God is calling, cherish, thanks, and give always

Here’s to us all, bad and good. It’s time to elevate ourselves to an already higher cause. Time to move on and time to make a difference in your life as well as others, especially the not-so-fortunate souls.