This is just my opinion, as much as I have learned through reading, witnessing, hearing, etc., it all comes down to this, it’s all about oil, period.  If we rack our brains around this, most intelligent people can see that whoever controls the oil, controls me, you, and the rest of the world. We can scream our asses off in being against any war, it doesn’t matter because wherever in the world there is war, they are fighting for oil.

On the premise, we see something else about those wars, and you know why, because we don’t want to think that people are dying because of our reliance on oil. News media won’t tell you what the truth is because they want to brainwash you into believing it is something else, but it’s not. It’s because we need oil to survive and the countries that know it are laughing at us and not only laughing but killing us, literally.

Most people also do not want to acknowledge the fact that we are hated, vehemently. It does not matter what we do, say, give in billions of our taxes, share, or anything civilized, these people will not change until all of us are dead, all of us.  Remember, it does not matter what we do.  These people are playing us and our stupidity is giving them the opportunity.

Back to oil, think about it.  Read and find out all there is about it; what countries we buy our oil from, why sanctions don’t work in Iran because we buy our oil from them, why the Egypt so called Spring is not working, why we have to negotiate with terrorist countries because of our reliance on oil. Once you know, once you have gathered enough information on the matter, and it’s just oil mind you, will you start to get the big picture.  All of our wars, all of the hatred, all of the deaths, and all of the evil that makes humans kill other humans, comes down to oil.  Realize this and things will fall into place.

Lastly, and this is really the reason why I wrote this piece is the fact that dependence on oil is our downfall.  We as consumers are killing our earth and it’s not looking great for the future. If things make you mad enough to deny it, all the more in killing Her. The story goes thus, protesters in ending the war in Afghanistan, protesters about our consumption of oil, protesters to get us out of every country we are so called occupying, and of course the old scapegoat of Israeli hatred because we chose life, drop their signs, put away their masks, plan other hate driven acts, and get in their car and drive home.  Get it, get in their car and drive home! How can they assume that wars are not for them to get in their car and drive home, drive to work, drive to the grocery store, or drive the kids to school? We are all hypocrites, myself included.  Although my answer to this principle is stop driving and/or give up the car, I know it is almost impossible, but is it? If we want to end the wars, stop driving.  If we want to save the Earth, stop driving. If we want peace, don’t let other countries that hate us hold us by the, well, you know what. Realize something strongly and if it is so, then things are not so impossible.  It can be done.  It starts with you and me.  Before I end this essay, I did sell my car and now ride an electric bike ( to get around. It’s all local, which it should be.

If you have some information to share, please let me know and we can learn together.  Shira