I wrote this during my group sessions here in Kona, and I wanted to share this with you like I did them.  They inspired me to share it.  It’s about healing…

Decisions are based on one’s love for oneself and their perspective deity.  The connection lies in the fact that “God” is within each of us.  How are we to be aware of His love for us if we cannot find our own?  God is inside oneself.  Love is inside oneself through God.  The only way to see it is to be aware of this love and let it grow.  Through goodness and the right decisions, the love inside will grow through God to you.  There’s the spark, the candle that lights the love inside and one needs to remember that the light flickers and dies and darkness takes over.  All one has to do is light the candle in the blackness of the soul and all darkness is diminished.

Here is another one:

Letting go:  Walk away from the problem for I am the only one with the key.  My key is rusted and weathered, and the key hole is antiquated and ugly; barely any space for the key, but I will push – I will persevere and my struggle to be free will be met with fortitude, and I will unlock, eventually and with strength, the door to my own prison to be free, and I will walk away and not look back.  There will be peace.