English: Two beams of light represent the form...

English: Two beams of light represent the former Twin Towers of the World Trade Center during the 2008 memorial of the September 11, 2001 attacks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9/11 WTC Photo

9/11 WTC Photo (Photo credit: 9/11 photos)


Today, I feel the pain, grief, sadness, and suffering of what happened to us those many years ago. I remember where I was, what I was doing, but this is not about that. It’s about what we feel together, then and now, and even in the future. The September 11 attacks gave us the monuments and memory of what we were, what we have become and what will be. It’s about strength, about not hating more than those that did this to us, to the families and the survivors, of which we are survivors also.  We have learned that hate was stronger on that day, but that hate will not prevail now or in the future. We are together as one, with as much love and tolerance as we can have, knowing our mistakes and knowing how to overcome. Life is brilliant, beautiful, full of love and laughter, and with it, we bring the memories of those that left us that day to a place of peace in our hearts and in our spirits where the light of good and love will never die. As the victims are now in peace, may we be in peace with them, today and always. S.