This my bio, my attempt at egoism in a strange cyber world.  I can do it, a bit.  What makes me think that individuals such as you would want to read my blogs? Well, the oft cliche says it best, ‘it’s a matter of principle.’ How much change can one person really make? I believe in the chaos theory; I am such that butterfly. There were so many things pent up inside this heart of mind and since there is this avenue I am able to share with like-minded and not so like-minded individuals to converse, debate, have fun, love, laugh and cry.  As it stands, the cyber world is the way to share perspectives in and of all platforms.  For me, the love of music, poetry, the arts, the sublime in all cultural societies, the mastery of nature and the wonder of it all, with the Divine in all of us, sets the stage for us to share and fight ignorance, and maybe if I could, motivate individuals to speak up more about their principles.  So it is.  I hope to read your insights into the many issues prevalent in our world today.