big island of Hawaii

big island of Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been missing in action for sometime now.  There is much to say, but I will only state that I’m back.  I’m ready to start writing again, and mostly, I want to share my experiences thus far.  As it stands, I’ve moved to Hawaii, on the Big Island.  How I got here to live is another long story that I will post as soon as I’m ready.  Let’s just go with moving here has been the best thing for me, and as such, very healing.

I’ve continued to read all about our world crisis and will start blogging on all the news that we are engulfed in, and I will try to sort out all of the nonsense and find the truth as best I can.

So, here’s to you, me and education towards the way to tolerance, on our way to benevolence, and on our way to making a difference.

Thanks for reading,