Shira’s note: I am always inspired by Ms. Glick’s commentaries. They are profound and as though if I could speak about who I am as a Jew, it would sound just like Ms. Glick. So, here she is speaking for me and all the others who cannot or will not do for Klal Yisrael. The video is about 24 minutes long. It is inspiring and an honor to the Holocaust survivors and us that are here because of them; never again together in Arvut (mutual guarantee). / May 2, 2010

Competing visions of “Never Again”


In the end, the Holocaust raged until the Allied powers won the war. It didn’t have to be that way. If the Jews had been permitted to leave Europe, the Holocaust could have been averted. But the only place that wanted us wasn’t allowed to take us. The nations of the world closed their gates. Only the Jews in the Land of Israel wanted the Jews of Europe. But the British barred their arrival.

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Saturday night I was honored to speak at Young Israel of Hillcrest congregation in Queens for their annual Yom HaShoah ceremony. The address formed the basis of my latest column in the Jerusalem Post.
Before I spoke Eva Luxe-Braun, a Holocaust survivor and extraordinarily valiant women shared her story with the congregation.

Dave Reaboi from the Center for Security Policy was kind enough to join me for the evening and videotape the speech. Here it is.