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Dealing with the reality of the Shalit deal and Hannibal Protocol:

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 19 October 2011

I received a lot of angry mail when I wrote earlier in the week that thanks to the very lopsided prisoner swaps, the IDF policy today is to do everything possible to kill IDF soldiers who appear to be in the process of being captured by terrorists.  Many couldn’t believe that this was indeed the policy of the IDF.  So I put up a video on YouTube of a Battalion 51 commander briefing his Golani troops on the eve of their entry into Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.


“The strategic weapon, the ‘Judgment Day Weapon’ that Hamas wants to acquire, is to capture a soldier. But no soldier in Battalion 51 will be kidnapped at any price. At any price. Under any condition. Even if it means that he blows himself with his own grenade together with those trying to capture him. Also even if it means that now his unit has to fire a barrage at the car that they are trying to take him away in. There is no situation. No situation that they will have this weapon.”

This was not some faked video. I copied from a video report broadcast on Israel Television Channel 2 News 16 October 2011

You can see the full report for yourself:


Now what does this all mean?  Am I saying that the Hannibal Protocol is wrong?  No. Not under the circumstances.  All I am saying is that we have to address the decisions we make with mature honesty.  The reason that we trade a thousand terrorists for a single soldier is not because of our commitment to do everything in our power to get our soldiers back home alive.  We do it because, as indicated by the polls, we don’t have the stomach to see soldiers as POWs once we know who they are. And since a key element of the equation is that this feeling only goes into play when we see their name, faces, etc., we as a society have a very different attitude about soldiers being killed before we see their name, faces, etc. And that is why we would rather kill a soldier being taken captive then have him sit somewhere being held by terrorists.

That is where we are.

And we have to deal with it.

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Shira’s note: Does this mean I’m indifferent, apathetic? It’s very conflicting for me. No, I am not that in my soul. If we understand acts of war and the knowledge that any goodness we have to fight evil is futile in a war of existentialism, then the above applies to us all whether we acknowledge it or not. We as a people have to sacrifice for the good in humanity. As such, if I’m to put myself in that position, as a soldier in the IDF, and if Gd willed, yes, I would be sacrificed for the people, namely, the children of Israel. So it is, if that is what is willed from on High. Reality is what it is…there are no words, actions, or opinions that would deter us from the truth, of which many try to oppress or try to prevaricate, in which the entire of humanity, governments, groups, or religions do to hide from their hypocrisies.


Iranian Parliamentarians to Accompany Asian Aid Caravan to Gaza
News number: 8909240305 15:36 | 2010-12-15

TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of Iranian legislators announced their preparedness
to join the Asian Aid Caravan to Gaza to display solidarity with the
oppressed Palestinian people.

The Iranian delegation, comprised of seven lawmakers, will travel with the
group to Syria and from there will head to Gaza via the Rafah crossing in
Egypt to display their solidarity with the Palestinian people in their
resistance against the Israeli regime.

Mahmoud Ahmadi Biqash, Avaz Heidarpour, Parvi Sarvari, Ali Motahhari, Ali
Asqar Zare’i, Hassan Qafourifard and Shabib Jooyjari are the seven Iranian
MPs that intend to join the Asian Gaza Convoy.

A number of 200 members of the Iranian parliament had earlier in a statement
voiced support and solidarity with the Asian continent’s first humanitarian
aid convoy to Gaza which arrived in Iran last Wednesday.

“We have not witnessed many humanitarian aid convoys from Asia and the news
of Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP) convoy heading to Gaza
indicates the revival of such activities on this continent”, the statement

“This movement has been organized by the non-governmental organizations and
we hope that the continuation of such moves will lead to the formation of a
popular pro-rights movement independent of states and governments”, the
statement said.

Iranian lawmakers also donated part of their salary toward aiding the
Palestinian people.

A number of 55 activists accompany the Asian Gaza Solidarity Caravan,
organized by the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine, a coalition of
social movements, trade unions and civil society institutions of the region.

The current members of the caravan are from India, Pakistan, Japan, Nepal,
Malaysia and Singapore and it is expected that they will be accompanied by
their counterparts from Iran, Bahrain, Turkey, Australia and Azerbaijan.

Thirty-two Indians and eight others from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Malaysia and Japan were not allowed by the Indian Border Security Force to
cross over to Pakistan on foot for want of an NoC from New Delhi and they
took a flight to Iran.

The convoy will carry medical aid and donate two ambulances to the
authorities in Palestine.

The Asian peace activists hope that the move would provide a good
opportunity for breaking the siege of Gaza.

The move came nearly seven months after Israeli forces raided the Gaza
Freedom Flotilla on May 31. Over 100 Israeli soldiers supported by military
choppers boarded a Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara, leading the six-ship convoy
in international waters.

The Israeli commandoes killed 20 international human rights activists and
wounded 80 more. Nine of the victims were Turkish nationals. Some members of
the European parliaments, former western diplomats, reporters and human
rights activists were among the victims of Israel’s brutal act.

The siege of Gaza started in June 2007 when Israel imposed a blockade on the
Gaza Strip. This was supported by the governments of Egypt and the US.

The blockade consists of a land blockade along Gaza’s borders with Egypt and
Israel and a sea blockade. It immediately followed the 2006-2007 economic
sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority following the election
of Hamas to the Palestinian government.

The blockade has attracted criticism from many Human Rights organizations.
September 2009 UN fact-finding mission found that the blockade of Gaza
“amounted to collective punishment”, was likely a war crime and a crime
against humanity and recommended that the matter be referred to the
International Criminal Court (ICC).

Shira’s Note:  This is part of the reason why I started the blog.  The majority of people all around the world must know of things before Israel gets bombarded for defending it’s existence to those who wish for her demise.  To wit, Israel lets millions of goods to Gaza on a daily basis.  Gaza is not hurting for humanitarian aid.  Gaza is oppressed by Hamas and their other Arab leagues to make sure Israel will get the blame for their so called ‘suffering.’  And remember, Hamas is a terrorist entity who wish death for all who oppose Islam, including you, and the countries who are participating in the so called ‘flotilla’ are in fact, helping terrorism flourish.