Every morning I read the news. At this time in our lives, it is unbelievable the accelerated hate and greed, and abuses of human life, not to mention mass murders, natural disasters, etc., occurring right now.  There is just not enough time to list the many horrible things that are happening to us.  It is frightening, and yet here I am safe at home free to do as I please. In point, make no mistake, our lives could change for the worse at any moment if they haven’t already.  I think a part of us as the whole of humanity, the macrocosm of the soul, is suffering with those who are so far away in another land, another place; that is, for those of us that are filled with love and not hate.  The more we stay silent on these issues, the more hate and evil will win.  Our earth is in pain, as a whole, and we need more strength to help her help us.

When I’m reading about the Israeli/Palestinian struggle, I read everyday of the strife the Muslims go through.  I understand their plight and how they wish for freedom, and sometimes I think they need freedom from their own hate, and the only they see it, is getting rid of Israel.  When I look at pictures from the media, I see anger and hate in a way I’ve never seen before. The crowds of men, so many men, yelling and shooting guns, and with the vitriol and disgust they see in the world, it is truly and profoundly sad.  What makes it worse, is that even we as Americans that want to be tolerant and understanding to their plight, they could care less.  It is just another way for them to blame Israel for sympathizing with them and for them.

The lack of balance and understanding between the conflict is overwhelmingly seen in our ignorance on both issues.  That being said, the only thing that I could do is read for justice, find the truth, have faith and somehow educate myself better so that I can make a difference.  So, the real reason I am writing this today is that in sitting safely in my little office, drinking tea, reading, working, living freely, I found the only thing I could to right now is to shift the balance and move it in a way so that we can make changes.

How? Let’s do this: Ask yourself ‘why are so many men in the Middle East full of hate, waging war, live in squalor, do not have enough food, etc., etc.?’ Because they are not educated.  They don’t have education systems to be able to enhance their environment, to grow their own food, to start a business, to become a judge, and on and on.  What they have, and this is not pleasant, is that they raise their children to be able to make war, hate more and yes, through beheading their livestock, they inculcate the beheading of westerners.  The second question: ‘Where are the women?’ Educated persons know that answer already.  In this short (at least I think it’s short) blog, I can only share with you what I visualize for these souls in all parties involved, and that is seeing them educated.  Yep, that’s all I can do from behind this desk of mine, but I also have faith in being able to shift polarities, to make change, so yes, I do believe in the butterfly theory.  I know that is naive, but it’s sometimes the simple, innocent faith and love that will make it happen.  That’s not my ego speaking, it’s just a another way to manifest my point in my heart to reach out to others.  Visualize schools, agricultural communities where it’s all green, an Arab society where they are truly living a life without hate, where the women are not afraid to have their voice heard, and the children are not holding rifles.  This will and can happen.

With that, I move on in my day, ever thankful for my freedoms and thankful for my faith and being able to express myself and love for life through this medium.  Anybody out there have any other suggestions?